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Longtime Sexual Cream – Long Time Delay  Procomil Cream in Pakistan
German doctors created Procomil Cream, which is now being used in Pakistan to help men stay in bed six times longer than before, according to The Sun. According to the report, testing revealed that the lengthened intercourse climbed from seconds to over four minutes. The Procomil Cream or a placebo was applied 30 minutes before sex in a trial of 300 men with premature ejaculation, according to the newspaper. Men who used it lasted 0.6 minutes to 3.8 minutes, compared to 1.1 minutes for the placebo group.
Procomil Cream Longtime Sexual for Man External Use Only in Pakistan A high-quality product called Procomil Cream is made in Germany to assist her husband last longer and prevent premature ejaculation, which in turn increases pleasure when his wife is in bed with him.

Application and Use: It is advised to begin treatment gradually 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. The severity of the symptoms determines how long the treatment will last. Typically, it lasts for around 24 hours after application.

Why does Procomil Cream get used?
Procomil Cream is a male enhancement product available in Pakistan for guys who want to extend their sexual experience. You can have problems with premature ejaculation, or you might just want to give your lover more time to appreciate you.
Procomil Cream’s significance in Pakistan
The head of the penis is desensitized with this moderate surface anesthetic to provide longer-lasting pleasure.

Analgesic on the skin to prolong the climax and heighten pleasure.

Application: Use sparingly as needed, ideally before donning a condom.

This item is not a method of birth control.

Only for external use

Procomil Cream’s main attributes in Pakistan:
Natural driving will be different, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.
This is employed quite effectively.
Erectile dysfunction is risk-free and without any negative side effects.
Work Purpose: It is quickly rising to the top of the list of products for men who experience early ejaculation. It begins to function just ten minutes before sex, giving your partners long-lasting fulfillment.

By gradually desensitizing the penis, Procomil Cream in Pakistan helps a man stay in the bedroom longer.

Erection lasts far longer when used in the man’s sexual area, lasting until both parties are completely satisfied.

Delay Ejaculation Before
Last longer in bed without numbing or odorless color
excellent tolerance for skin
Husband extends the time spent in bed
tackling the issue of early ejaculation
Improved performance and increased lust
reliable use
contains no hazardous substances
no negative effects


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